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The Job Tracker Template 2.0 is now available!

The Proofreading Job Tracker is a Google Sheets™ template with scripted functionality to help you easily add and update job details, monitor your workload, and visualize trends.

The tracker is now much faster and can help you with communicating job information to your clients. It can even create invoices for you!

What people are saying

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Wouldn't change a blooming thing! I love it!! Easy to keep track of clients. I'm betting when I get busier, I will love it even more!!

— Norma

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It's amazing to get a clear statistical picture and be able to compare clients by their hourly rates, percentage of pages annotated, overall pages sent, etc. Very helpful for decision-making. It's an amazing way to collect and display data! It's a very easy addition to the workflow -- entering data is easy and quick and satisfying! And I love the design and colors! Ashley was very patient and helpful when I was learning to use the tracker, which I appreciated greatly because I have almost no previous experience with spreadsheets. This is the best tool I've added to my business this year, and I have no doubt that it will pay for itself by helping me make better decisions to increase my earnings. I'm delighted!

— Rosemary

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I really REALLY love this system. It's been so amazing to help me keep on top of jobs as they come in and go out and get invoiced and paid!

— Heidi