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Transcript Proofreading Job Tracker Template 2.0 for Google Sheets™

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The PDF Proofreading Job Tracker Template 2.0 is a Google Sheets™ template for transcript proofreaders. It features scripted functionality to help you easily add and update job details, monitor your workload, and visualize trends. Now it can even create invoices for you!

Put the calculator away! Columns that contains calculations will populate automatically as you add the required job information. You never have to worry about filling down formulas when new rows are added to your spreadsheet.

The Rates sheet lets you specify a date range for each of your rates. If you raise your rates, it won't affect the totals for jobs you completed under previous rates. Your spreadsheet will automatically determine the correct rate to use based on the date each job is received.

Your download will be the User Guide PDF, which will contain a link to save a copy of the Job Tracker template to your Google Drive™, as well as instructions, FAQs, troubleshooting advice, and helpful tips for using Google Sheets™.


Purchase includes one non-transferable personal license to be used for your personal or business use only. This license does not allow for commercial use. You may not send, give, transfer, distribute, or sell any downloadable template or custom spreadsheet, free or otherwise, original or modified, to anyone outside of your business unless you have express written permission from Peacock Sheetsmithing.

Refund Policy

Due to the digital nature of this product, all sales are final and no refunds will be issued.

Required Scopes Permissions

For full functionality, the Proofreading Job Tracker Spreadsheet template requires certain permissions under your Google account so that scripted functions are able to perform read and write actions within your Proofreading Job Tracker Spreadsheet and save PDFs to your Google Drive™. No information is transferred to any other server or kept by me in any way. Everything stays within your own Google Drive™.

You will get a PDF (2MB) file



The Dashboard sheet provides an overview of your work history using summary boxes and various charts.

At a glance, find out how many jobs and pages you've proofed, how much you've earned, how many hours you've worked, and more.

Visualize your earnings over time, compare your clients by pages received or percentage of pages annotated, and see a breakdown of the pages you've read by proceeding type.

Data filters along the top allow you to drill down to review the history for a specific client, turnaround, proceeding type, etc.


The Status sheet helps you keep track of what's on your plate.

The top left area tallies the jobs and pages due over the next three days and beyond, and it calculates what you still need to do and how long it should take.

The top right area shows the billing status of recent jobs so you know how much money you have coming in.

The bottom area lists your outstanding jobs. Each job has a countdown timer that will change from green to orange to red as your deadline approaches. As you work and update your status, you can see your progress bar fill up and an estimate of how much more time the job will take.

Sidebar Interfaces

You can click the buttons on your Status sheet to open custom sidebars interfaces.

The New Job Sidebar enables you to quickly add a new job. No need to leave your Status sheet when a job comes in or add rows to the Job Log if there aren't enough. The dropdowns even default to your most-used options.

The Job Update Sidebar has two sections. The top part helps you to easily update your progress on a job to see how much time you have left. The bottom section finalizes details for a completed job and removes it from the Status sheet.

New in Version 2.0

Client Details Sheet

The new Client Details sheet lists job information for a single client, which can be filtered by year received, year paid, if they are current, and/or if they are unpaid.

Job Details Sheet

The Job Details sheet lists job information for a current job selected by Priority. These details can be copied and pasted into your client e-mails on receipt and return.

Invoice Sheet

The Invoice sheet generates an invoice for a selected client's outstanding jobs, which can be automatically saved to your Google Drive as a PDF. You can even add your logo!

Improvements in Version 2.0

  • Calculations now load instantly!
  • Expanded Dashboard with more snapshot boxes and charts
  • Time fields on sidebars now default to 9:00 AM instead of midnight so they can be disregarded
  • Multiple Upcharges can be added per job
  • Notes added to some column headings to provide helpful information and instructions
  • Protections added to some sheets and ranges to prevent accidental changes
  • Clients can be "archived" to remove them from dropdown menus and Dashboard charts
  • Access to a sample workbook containing several years of fictitious data to use as an example

Upgraded Status Sheet:

  • Breakdown of jobs and pages for 7 days and beyond, including estimated hours to go by day
  • Complexity listed for each job, showing the Category and any Upcharge(s)
  • Progress bar fills for each job as it is completed
  • Hours To Go estimates available for jobs before they are started if there is enough Job Log data available

You will now receive an Easy-to-navigate user guide PDF with instructions, FAQs, troubleshooting advice, and helpful tips for using Google Sheets

Customer Reviews

Jane N.

Verified Buyer

6 months ago

Great purchase!

This job tracker is comprehensive and thorough. I was daunted at first by the sheer size of it, but the included manual is straightforward and user-friendly. I am totally happy with my purchase.

Heidi H.

Verified Buyer

1 year ago

Fantastic product!

The job tracker just gets better and better! It helps me keep track of jobs as they come in and go out, tracks invoices as they go out and are paid, and provides me with a ton of really useful graphs to monitor metrics of the various reporters I work with as well as trends for my business as a whole.